VITMAX® AIR wheelchair lift

The compact class wheelchair lift. innovative design allows easy installation without a lift well or lift well pit.

VITMAX® AIR wheelchair lift

The VITMAX® AIR can be used both indoors and outdoors. The ingenious design of this wheelchair lift makes it extremely easy to install and so it is also perfectly suited for subsequent structural modifications. In addition to its quick installation and low construction costs, the VITMAX® AIR impresses with its proven technology.

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The interaction of stainless steel and framed glass elements gives the VITMAX® AIR an elegant appearance and makes it extremely resistant to the weather.

The VITMAX┬« AIR has the same low-noise drive system and high safety standards as used in VITMAX┬« home lifts .

It fulfils all the guidelines of the European standard EN 81-41.


Technical data

1100 x 1400 mm standard
variable sizes optional

Coated in RAL colours ofyour choice and/or stainless steel

Inside and outside, without lift shaft or shaft pit.

Vertical travel max:      3 m
Payload max:                 385 kg

Drive system:                 Chain drive
Speed:                             0,15 m/s

Power supply:                400 V (optional 230 V)
Power draw:                  approx. 1,5 kW

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