ZETA goods lift

Transporting loads of up to 2000 kg while saving energy

Transporting loads of up to 2000 kg efficiently and conveniently


The ZETA is a walk-in goods lift with electric chain drive attached to the cabin lifting frame. This form of drive system is extremely energy-saving and at the same time almost maintenance-free and very strong.

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The ZETA's size and load capacity can be adapted to meet each customer's requirements. The ZETA is designed exclusively for transporting goods - people are not permitted to ride in this lift. The lift well pit and lift well head are considerably smaller than with a conventional lift system because no protective spaces are required. No lift motor room is needed either.

Zeta lifts are inspected and approved once by the T├ťV after they have been installed. An annual inspection is mandatory.

Design and specifications

Depending on the location, the lift well can be built in

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Steel
  • Support frame in twist-resistant steel construction
  • Side panels made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, optional e.g.: Stainless steel and painted/powder coated surfaces
  • Base made of screen printing plate, smooth or tear plate, optional stainless steel version available
  • Through-loading of the cabin is possible (load/unload the cabin from 2 sides)
  • Choice of cabin dimensions
  • Single or double-leaf hinged doors including frames made of primed sheet steel
  • Stainless steel sheet or choice of RAL surfaces
  • doors according to EN81-58 E120 available
  • The control system is implemented as a call and send system with automatic stop.
  • The proven drive system features an electric chain drive with frequency converter and integrated brake mounted on the lift car.
  • The drive is protected against overload mechanically and electrically.
  • There are two high-performance load-bearing roller chains.
  • Precision safety brake
  • Travel speed monitoring device that switches off the system and triggers the safety brake if the normal travel speed is exceeded
  • Door interlocks incl. fail safe door system
  • Overload protection
  • Emergency stop button
  • Door zone monitoring, etc.

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