Standard tracked stairclimber

Moving up and down stairs - indoors or outdoors - is no longer a problem thanks to the STANDARD tracked stairclimber.

For straight stairs (with intermediate landings) indoors or outdoors

Only one person is needed to guide the tracks of the stairclimber on straight stairs in complete safety.

A hook-on Junior platform is available for children's wheelchairs. In addition, using a combination of support shoes and the multifunction clamp, it is also possible to use wheelchairs with foldable backrests, removable handles, braked wheelchairs and wheelchairs with small wheels.

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Versatile use

The STANDARD tracked stairclimber can lift 150 kg (SA-S) or 160 kg (SA-3) over several floors (max. 200 m upwards) and its robust construction allows it to be used on indoor and outdoor stairs.

Easy to transport

Thanks to its removable upper section, the tracked stairclimber can be stored compactly and transported easily.

Max. gradient: 35 ┬░

Easy to operate


Simply move the tracked stairclimber under the wheelchair and lock the wheelchair in place.


Now the wheelchair can be tilted.


And you are ready to go up and down the stairs.

Advantages & highlights

  • Can be used on various stairs without any problems - indoors and outdoors
  • Reinforced crawler tracks with moulded-in steel cables grip the steps securely
  • Battery-powered
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Low-maintenance
  • Fits all standard wheelchairs
  • Proven technology
  • Safety belt
  • Can only be operated by authorised people thanks to keyswitch

Dimensions (L x W x H):
1473 x 635 x 930 mm

Empty weight:
54 kg

150 kg model SA-S
160 kg model SA-3

approx. 7 m/min.

Maximum gradient:

2 x 6 V / 20 Ah


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