PUBLIC tracked stairclimber

Specially developed for public buildings such as schools, universities, railway stations and museums etc.


The PUBLIC tracked stairclimber transports all types of manual or electric wheelchairs to provide a safe, convenient and economical solution. Indispensable in public buildings such as schools, universities, train stations and museums, etc.

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Once the wheelchair has been driven onto the platform, it is tilted electrically to the required inclined position at the push of a button without any physical effort on the part of the operator.

  • Large transport platform suitable for almost all wheelchairs
  • Built-in, non-slip loading ramp
  • Rechargeable battery and charger included
  • Safety belts for wheelchair and passenger
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Wide crawler tracks grip the stairs safely
  • The crawler tracks grip all types of stairs, regardless of the material
  • The electrically-operated parking brake keeps the stairclimber still while driving over the loading ramp.

More equipment features

Easy loading

A stable ramp allows various types of wheelchair to use the tracked stairclimber.

For electric wheelchairs too

The large platform is also ideally suited for transporting electric wheelchairs.

Safety first

Wheelchair safety belts guarantee a smooth and safe journey.

Advantages & highlights

  • Control panel incl. battery indicator, emergency stop and key switch
  • Headrest (adjustable)
  • The wheels allow easy movement on stair landings and corridors.
  • Reinforced crawler tracks with moulded-in steel cables grip the steps securely.
  • Parking brake
  • Loading ramp with non-slip surface
  • Wheelchair safety belts
  • Load platform suitable for all models of wheelchair
  • 24 V battery drive
  • Safety belt with electrical engagement control

Dimensions (L x W x H):
1258 x 757 x 1280 mm

Empty weight:
60 kg

Maximum payload:
200 kg

up: 7,5 m/min.
down: 11 m/min.

Maximum gradient:

2 x 12 V
Charging time: 8 h
Operating time per charge: 30 min.


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