Platform stairlifts for curved staircases

Regardless of whether it is installed at home or in areas open to the public, the STRATOS handles straight or curved flights of stairs to provide limitless mobility and quality of life.

For curved staircases


The STRATOS platform stairlift can be used both indoors and outdoors and integrates elegantly into any situation. The solidly engineered platform and robust electronics ensure maximum reliability. Curves and changes in gradient are handled with ease.

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Thanks to its compact design, the STRATOS requires a minimum of space and keeps the staircase as free of obstacles as possible. The platform and the rails is possible can be implemented in a choice of colours as well as in stainless steel. The upper travel tube also serves as an elegant handrail.

The advantages

Numerous safety mechanisms - such as battery operation in the event of a power failure - meet the highest technical expectations. A fully automated platform and ergonomic controls make this lift easy and convenient to operate.

  • Custom platform sizes possible
  • Strong platform technology and a low-noise rack and pinion drive for loads up to 300 kg
  • Operates on gradients up to 47┬░
  • Display with status and error diagnostics on platform
  • Available in all RAL colours as well as in stainless steel

More equipment features

Saves space

Space-saving and elegant, even when folded

Fully automated platform

Easy to get on and off thanks to the automatic ramps

Easy to operate using ...

... remote control, hand unit or joystick as an alternative control option on the platform

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