Platform stairlifts for all shapes of staircases

Thanks to its extremely space-saving design, the OMEGA is WEIGL's most versatile platform stairlift.

For all shapes of staircases

Smart and custom-designed - suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The Omega has been setting new standards with its slim and elegant design since its launch. It integrates harmoniously into any surroundings, regardless of whether it is your private home or a stairwell in a public building. Featuring a comfortable folding seat, the OMEGA can also be used as a chair stairlift at any time. Thanks to its space-saving design, this system can be retrofitted to almost any staircase without a problem.

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For indoors

Freedom on every level
Regardless of whether you need to handle a few steps or several floors, this is the perfect compact lift to give you freedom of movement throughout the entire living area. The lift blends harmoniously into any surroundings, whether private home or public stairwell.

Featuring a comfortable folding seat, the OMEGA can also be used as a chair stairlift at any time.

Unlike all other stairlift systems, the Omega drive unit is small and can be custom-installed at the upper end of the travel way. The width of your stairway is only reduced by approx. 25 cm due to the platform and travel tube (lift systems with a travelling drive unit need approx. 40 cm).

For outdoors

Enjoy nature
Now you can also experience independence and freedom of movement outside your home. The Omega opens the way to the great wide open. The Omega easily manages changes in gradient and direction. 

The best weather resistance
This system offers the highest weather resistance for outdoor use. This is achieved using a galvanised steel platform and travel tube and electrical components that are protected against moisture. 

To protect your outdoor installation from the elements, a compact weather cover is provided to give reliable protection from rain and snow.

More equipment features

Saves space

The OMEGA is also suitable even for the narrowest of stairs.

No worries

The non-slip design of the ramps enhances safety during everyday use.


Its slim design gives the OMEGA an elegant appearance


Timeless design in elegant stainless steel.

Uncompromisingly modern

Modern design combined with stainless steel and choice of colours.

Easy to operate

Easy to operate using the remote control.

Easy to operate

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