Platform stairlifts for straight stairs

An attractive design, very slim construction, as well as quiet operation are the outstanding features of the DELTA platform stairlift.

For straight stairs

Our platform lift gives you back your independence.

The WEIGL DELTA platform stairlift is the perfect solution for your mobility. The lift is quick and easy to install and you will be impressed with the ruggedness of the platform's mechanical design and low maintenance requirements. It takes you safely up and down every straight flight of stairs without the help of others, allowing you to live independently in familiar surroundings at an incredibly affordable price.

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Elegant and convenient

The Delta platform lift transports wheelchair users very conveniently over straight flights of stairs. A narrow design (folded up it is only approx. 25 cm wide) and low-noise operation are what makes it stand out.

Stainless steel travel rails - bright and clean

The DELTA's travel rails are made of stainless steel and the upper tube can also be used as a handrail for stair users.

The advantages of a DELTA platform stairlift

  • Quality product made in Austria
  • Unrivalled narrow design
  • The travel rail that saves the most space
  • Battery operation ensures a safe ride even if there is a power failure
  • Automatic charging
  • Electronic control
  • Fully automated platform
  • Low noise operation
  • No dirt from oil and grease

More equipment features

Modern and narrow

The DELTA integrates elegantly into your apartment.


Automatic ramps ensure maximum safety during operation.


A fully automated platform and safety barriers ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

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