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When it comes to subsidies and grants for chair stairlifts, we can help you arrange the finance for your stairlift.

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Grants and subsidies

Generally speaking, the purchase of a stairlift has to be financed by "the private individual". However, there are some departments in provincial and federal government in Austria that support the purchase of a stairlift under certain conditions.

If a stairlift is needed as a result of an accident, for example, there is a good chance of being reimbursed by the General Accident Insurance Institute. In the case of war and military service injuries, the cost of a stairlift may also be partially or fully financed.

What do I need to know?

The availability of grants and subsidies always depends on the Austrian province in which you live.

  • The amount of the subsidies and the conditions are therefore different from one place to the next. The contact points for applying for a grant may also differ from one province to another. However, in many cases it is worthwhile applying for financial support, as this will save you money when you buy your stairlift. Our customer adviser will be happy to inform you about the guidelines that apply in your province.

Points of contact include:

  • Social insurance agencies
  • Sozialministeriumservice
  • District administrations/ Municipal authorities
  • Mobility agencies

Tax deductibility

  • A stairlift is in the category "Exceptional costs due to disability" and is therefore tax deductible. 

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