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Vertical platform lift with all-round safety sensor strip.

Maximum use of space in a very small area

The platform version with a safety sensor strip on all sides (which stops the lift immediately and automatically if it contacts and obstacle) combined with an extremely space-saving construction guarantees maximum utilisation of space in the smallest of areas.

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VITMAX® platform lift - extremely flexible

Regardless of whether installed with a wall, glass, aluminium or wooden shaft, indoors or outdoors, this is the best solution. For the VITMAX® to provide a completely flat transition from the floor to the lift, only a 10 cm recess is required at the lowest floor level thanks to the extremely compact platform. If a short ramp is used to access the lift then the existing floor can remain unchanged.

Advantages and highlights

  • Our own planning and production team will ensure that this lift meets all your expectations.
  • Greatest possible flexibility in platform size
  • Quiet frequency-controlled drive ensures that the journey begins and ends smoothly
  • All safety-related components are T├ťV-approved for lifts.

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