Comfort model
SOFIA stairlift

In addition to safety and comfort, SOFIA and SOLUS stairlifts focus on style and elegance.

The very latest technology combined with the highest quality design 

The new generation of stairlifts are real eye-catchers! It it more than simply a functional solution. With our comfort models your stairlift becomes a natural part of your interior design - attractive, practical and discreet.

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Sofia design variants

For straight stairs
SOFIA 600 comfort model

Stylish with safety and comfort

With details such as high-quality leather and fabric covers, these variants adapt to any style of living and integrate perfectly into your living environment. Due to its narrow design, these stairlifts can be installed even in very narrow staircases because when folded up, they always leave enough space for other stair users.

For stairs with curves and corners
SOFIA 260 comfort model

With our comfort models your stairlift becomes a natural part of your interior design. Attractive, practical and unobtrusively discreet when folded away. Regardless of whether there are several stops or unusually shaped steps, we can accommodate all your needs. Thanks to its made-to-measure design, the curved lift fits practically any staircase - both on the inside and outside.

Advantages & highlights

  • Ergonomic design
    wide backrest for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Removable key unit
  • Weight sensor
    guarantees that your stairlift will not move until you are properly seated
  • Adjustable seat height
  • New belt system
  • Swivel seat lever
  • Safety sensors
    these ensure that your stairlift stops immediately if it meets an obstacle.

More equipment features


Adjustable armrests are not only comfortable, they also protect the joints in your shoulders.

Easy to lock

A convenient, lockable control unit prevents unauthorised used (in an apartment building, for example).


Armrests, seat and footrest fold away in a single move.


Easy to operate swivel seat lever makes it easy to get on and off.

Always there for you

Easy to call or send using the removable remote control.

Digital status display

A digital status display provides a reliable and easy means of assistance if necessary (600 series models only).

Colours and seat covers

The upholstery is made of high-quality material and is easy to clean - it still looks like new even after many years of service.

Leather covers

Fabric covers

Vinyl covers


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