SAXON stairlift

The standard SAXON model is one of WEIGL's most space-saving stairlifts.

More than simply standard

The WEIGL SAXON 420 is engineered for straight flights of stairs and is available from stock immediately. Thanks to its extremely narrow design, this model is particularly space-saving when folded away.

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For straight stairs

The SAXON is equipped with a swivel seat to make it easy to get on and off at the top of the stairs. 

It is straightforward to operate - simply press a button to arrive at the next level - it couldn't be easier! here is a choice of belts to ensure your safety during the ride. Battery operation ensures reliability even if there is a power failure.

Advantages & highlights

  • Extremely narrow design
    especially space-saving when folded up
  • Easy to operate
    press a button to arrive at the next level
  • Swivel seat
    makes it easy to get on an off at the top of the stairs
  • Available immediately
  • Value for money
  • No conversion work required
    installed within a few hours
  • Extra-narrow travel rail

More equipment features

Swivel seat

Makes it easy to get on an off.

Saves space

Thanks to slim rail design.

Easy to operate

Ergonomic controls.

Colours and seat covers

The upholstery is made of high-quality material and is easy to clean - it still looks like new even after many years of service.

Leather covers


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