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PUBLIC Stair Caterpillar

The PUBLIC stair caterpillar transports all types of manual or electric wheelchairs over straight stairs. It offers a safe, comfortable and economic solution where the negotiation of stairs represents an obstacle, and is essential in public buildings such as schools, universities, railway stations, museums, etc.

After driving the wheelchair on to the platform, with the press of a button, it is brought electrically into the required sloping position without physical effort on the part of the operator. 

  • Large transport platforms suitable for virtually all wheelchairs
  • Integrated, slip-proof drive-on ramp
  • Rechargeable battery and charging unit included in the scope of supply
  • Safety belt for the wheelchair and passenger
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Wide caterpillar tracks securely grip the stairs
  • The caterpillar tracks grip all types of stairs of different materials
  • The electrically operated parking brake gives a secure hold when driving over the loading ramp


  1. Bedienpult inkl. Batterieanzeige, Notstopp und Schlüsselschalter
  2. Kopfstütze (verstellbar)
  3. Die Räder erlauben leichtes Verschieben auf Treppenabsätzen oder Gängen
  4. Verstärkte Raupenbänder mit eingegossenen Stahlseilen greifen sicher auf den Stufen
  5. Standbremse
  6. Laderampe mit rutschfester Oberfläche
  7. Rollstuhl-Sicherungsgurte
  8. Lastplattform für alle Rollstuhlmodelle geeignet
  9. 24 V-Batterie-Antrieb
  10. Sicherheitsgurt mit elektrischer Einrastkontrolle