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Freephone line (within Austria): 0 800 – 85 85 55

Standard Model with an Accompanying Person

With a stair caterpillar the negotiation of stairs - outdoors or indoors - is no longer a problem. Controlled by just one assistant, the tracks of the STANDARD stair caterpillar completely safely climb straight stairs with an incline of up to 35° without effort.

Your advantages:

For children's wheelchairs, a hang-on junior platform is available,

  • is suitable for almost all wheelchairs with push grips
  • long-life caterpillar tracks safely grip the stair treads
  • folded together, it fits into the boot of every car
  • includes rechargeable battery and charging unit
  • battery operation
  • mature technologyoperation possible only by authorized persons via a key switch

For children's wheelchairs, a hang-on junior platform is available!

Depending upon choice, the stair caterpillar can carry 130 kg (SA-2), 150 kg (SA-S) or 160 kg (SA-3) up several floors (max. 200 m uphill); its robust construction enables its use not only on indoor but also on outdoor stairs.

Take the stair-lift under the wheelchair



...go to the stairs

... and navigate the stairs