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STAIRMAX Stair Caterpillar

The STAIRMAX self-operated stair caterpillar is a unique and cost-effective mobile lifting aid for active wheelchair users which enables them to negotiate straight stairs with a landing in their own wheelchair without outside help. Visual and structural alterations in the stairwell are not necessary - therefore no approvals are required.

All functions operate by the retracting or extending of the track drive under the adapted wheelchair.

Effortless turning on the stairs landing with the drive wheels of the wheelchair
Travel on level ground with the wheelchair without obstacles via the stair climber fitted underneath
The self-locking worm gear drive enables safe stopping in the middle of the stairs
The self-operated stair caterpillar is equipped with dry batteries and is charged with the supplied automatic charging unit.

Pre-conditions for use:

Good arm and finger function of the user
Thorough training
The stairs to be negotiated must be fitted with a stable handrail.