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VITMAX P Home Lift

The platform construction with all round sensor safety rail (this immediately stops the lift automatically if it meets an obstruction) combined with an exceptional space-saving design guarantees maximum space utilization within a small area.

Whether brick, glass, aluminium or wooden shaft, inside or in the open, ... the best solution for all wishes.

So that the VITMAX comes to a halt at the exact floor level, thanks to the extremely thin platform, only a 10 cm deep recess is required on the lowest floor, through the use of a ramp, the existing floor can even remain unaltered.

Your advantages:

  • Greatest flexibility in platform size
  • Quiet operation with a frequency controlled drive which allows the ride to start and stop smoothly
  • All safety-relevant equipment conforms to TÜV-approved lift components
  • Thanks to the internal house planning and manufacturing, there are no limits set for your design requirements


On request we will gladly supply you, free of charge, with project documentation (dimension sheets).