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Long-serving lift equipment in many respects does not very often meet the current state-of-the-art technology and as a consequence of this can pose various sources of danger. Within the scope of the Ingerenz principle (Neglect of Safety principle), you as the operating company of the equipment have, however, the duty to eliminate all preventable sources of danger yourself or have them eliminated. With the refurbishment of your lift equipment, you and the lift users will be on the side of safety.

Not only for new installations, but also for existing lift installations, there is a range of statutory regulations in respect of a safety level which must be complied with. The controlling applicable standard is the Austrian Directive, ÖNORM EN81-80, the first standard to consider the lift as a whole in respect of potential hazards and respective improvement measures.
This standard defines the current state-of-the-art technology for lifts which have been in operation for many years and decades, too.

The timely refurbishment of your lift equipment brings many advantages not only for the owner, the operating company but also for the user:


  • Highest operational safety
  • Increased efficiency (reduced energy consumption)
  • Increased ride comfort
  • Optical improvement (cabin renovation …)
  • Compliance with Standards and Laws
  • Increase in asset value