ZETA Goods Lift

The value-for-money goods lift up to 2000 kg!

The ZETA is a walk-in goods lift with electrically operated chain drive, which is fitted to the travelling carriage of the cabin. This type of drive is extremely energy-saving, and at the same time virtually maintenance-free and very robust.

The dimensions and safe working load of the ZETA can be adapted to the individual wishes of the client. The ZETA is designed exclusively for the transport of goods – the transport of persons is not allowed. Shaft pit and shaft head, in comparison to a customary lift installation, are considerably smaller, as no safety shelters are specified. In addition to this, there is no hydraulic cylinder and / or no counterweight.

On the completion of the installation, the ZETA lift is checked and accepted once by TÜV. An annual inspection is compulsory.

> Shaft
Design of the shaft optionally in concrete, brickwork, or as a steel construction in accordance with the structural requirements.

> Lift Car
Load frame in torsionally stiff construction; side walls in electrolytically galvanized steel sheet; other designs (for example: stainless steel or painted / powder-coated) possible as required.

Floor in silk screen printed plate; plain steel sheet or stainless steel checkered plate according to choice.

The lift car has no roof (open at the top)
Through loading of the cabin is possible (loading of the cabin from two sides).

> Shaft Doors
Single or double panel revolving doors together with frames in primed steel sheet; stainless steel and RAL possible according to choice.

> Drive and Control
The control is designed as a call and send control with self-locking. As a proven drive, an electrically operated chain drive with a frequency converter and integrated brake mounted on the lift car is used. The drive is mechanically and electrically protected against overload. Two high-capacity roller chains serve as the lifting gear.

> Safety Equipment
The most important safety equipment is the fall arrester on the lift car and the speed limiter in the shaft head. Both elements are type-tested and approved safety components.

In addition, the closed position of the doors is electrically monitored. A slack chain switch and an emergency end stop for the cabin are provided. In every stopping position, emergency stop switches are built into the panels.