VITMAX L Goods Lift

For the efficient and comfortable transport of goods up to 1000 kg!

The Vitmax L goods lift conforms to the requirements of the Machine Safety Regulations.

> Shaft
For installation in a customer’s shaft

> Lift Car
Walls in electrolytically galvanized sheet steel, optional stainless steel or RAL according to choice; floor checkered plate or synthetic material; through loading or corner loading possible, protective impact strips according to choice; safe working load: up to 1000 kg

> Shaft Doors
Primed single panel revolving doors with mechanical and electrical door locks and door contacts; doors in accordance with EN81-58 E120 possible

> Drive and Control
Call and send control with self-locking; rucksack suspension with energy-saving electro-mechanical drive; 2 roller chains designed with 12-fold safety

> Safety Equipment
Precision fall arrester;
Speed monitoring, which, in the event of the exceeding of the normal travelling speed of the equipment, switches off and triggers the fall arrester