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Corporate Policy


Over decades, WEIGL has established an outstanding reputation all over Austria as an all-round supplier of lift systems of all types.

The installation or refurbishment of a lift, together with the subsequent provision of service, represents a long-term investment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to decide on the right partner when selecting the supplier.


The WEIGL brand has for decades stood for lift systems which continuously represent the state-of the-art of quality, technology and design. We maintain this high level with the help of a consistent optimization process which brings together the best of experience and innovation. The result is high-value products which ensure the market leadership of certain groups of WEIGL products (stair lifts, wheelchair lifts) on the Austrian market.

This fact speaks for itself, and for us. But in the end, however, it is the skills and the commitment of each individual employee which ensure the sustainability of our success. Therefore, we constantly invest in the training of our employees and the further development of our products in order to be able to guarantee the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

Because only when our customers are satisfied, are we satisfied, too!

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